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Why Nittany Digital?

We give unique online advertising and targeting capabilities that are not available in offline advertising. Our job is to make your job easy with turnkey audience extension & audience management solutions.
  • Target Actual Physical Retail Locations.
  • Reach Your Audience While They Are On The Move.
  • Audience Management, Retargeting The Smart Way.
  • Direct Ads To People Based On Their Interests.
  • Leverage Social & Mobile Advertising Platforms.
  • Full Transparency of Reporting.
This gives you the top products and targeting capability available, driving a higher return on investment. Our direct relationships with the top exchanges and providers give higher end targeting capabilities and lower cost our clients.


The foundation of audience management, retargeting converts shoppers into buyers.

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Display Advertising

Identify new audiences with a display advertising campaigns to drive new traffic.

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Mobile Targeting

A unique opportunity for advertisers to reach their audience while they are on the move.

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Search - Google AdWords

Turn online browsing into online buying. Get in front of people searching for products you sell.

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Video Advertising

Pre-Roll, OTT & Out-Stream Video. Premium publishers to deliver to large audiences.

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Location Targeting

Location advertising dramatically cuts down on ad waste and increases campaign performance

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